An Act of Defiance: Georgie Brooke on Finding Their Power in Poetry - Featuring Art by Kyla Yin James

For Georgie Brooke, receiving a stroke of luck in funding from their college to attend poetry sessions led by renowned poet Rachel Long proved life-changing: they were hooked. Long, a veteran of Apples and Snakes–England’s leading spoken word poetry organization–taught Brooke and others the ropes of self-expression at a program designed to develop talented young writers. Since then, Brooke has refined a style of poetry that blends mundane moments with visceral emotion, relating everyday experiences to life’s deeper challenges to communicate both to theirself and a wider audience.

“For me, poetry has been a way of expressing my emotions, delving deep into them, pulling the ugliest parts out and turning them into something beautiful. It brings me peace,” Brooke says. “I think every poem is an act of defiance. I think my poetry is a mouthpiece for my higher self. I write the things I can’t say aloud, so the writer in me protects my sense of self.”...

Read the rest of the article and Brookes' poems–Shapes of Night, In the Dark Room, On Discovering Deepfake Porn of Myself, and Plant-Based Fatigue Fighter Detox Supplements (30 Capsules)–in I, Enheduanna Issue 3: In Our Hands, available here.

This article can be found in I, Enheduanna "Issue 3: In Our Hands"

In Our Hands features thirteen articles with work by seventeen feminine and non-binary creatives ranging in medium from prose to photography, poetry to pottery. In Our Hands centers around the way we create and share our creations through the sensation of touch, exploring the creative practices of each artist through in-depth interviews. Issue 3 is […]

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