Photographing the Invisible: The Art of Ekaterina Pavlova

Ekaterina Pavlova spent five years growing a client base as a wedding and popular commerce photographer before striking out to shoot in her own style. Her Souls photo project is haunting and uses accessible, inexpensive techniques to explore its deep themes. Now clients come to her for more vulnerable shoots exploring their “inner demons” rather than the polished unreality of wedding photographs. 

I was excited about this chance to hear more about Pavlova’s artistic journey and her inspiration for using photography to capture parts of people they don’t usually show, including herself.

What techniques do you use to create the effects in your work? 

It all depends on the overall concept and idea, which is the most important. And if I understand that I need to use one or another effect in creating a frame so that the idea is better read, then I use it. Most often it can be a long exposure. For example, when working on the project Souls, the photos of which are presented here, this effect was used. Also, sometimes I like to experiment with multi-exposure and collages...

Read on in I, Enheduanna Issue 3: In Our Hands, available here.

This article can be found in I, Enheduanna "Issue 3: In Our Hands"

In Our Hands features thirteen articles with work by seventeen feminine and non-binary creatives ranging in medium from prose to photography, poetry to pottery. In Our Hands centers around the way we create and share our creations through the sensation of touch, exploring the creative practices of each artist through in-depth interviews. Issue 3 is […]

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