There was a time

by Julene Tripp Weaver


we stood together

close, with our laughter

and serious expressions -

a long hug for solace.

We were one as a group -

memories we hold:

sitting over tea, picnics,

fairs, potlucks, garage sales,

we laughed till we cried.

We made love for hours.

Found each other at arts festivals,

open houses, plays, music venues,

and concerts. We beat drums

at rallies, formed parades,

danced disco till the bar closed.

We need a new world, it is time

to make change for the new

generation to take over:

the Blacks, the gays, the dykes,

the Latinos and Hispanics,

the Asians and Mid-Easterners.

So many good dying -

but there is no end to good.

We went to workshops in person

did yoga, contact dancing,

bought gym memberships, traveled,

gathered round a fire, sat at a Seder.

We sang and prayed together.

Now, slowed down

we move toward each other again.

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Julene Tripp Weaver
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