A Note from the Editor

In fall of 2020, perched in a grungy armchair as rain droned ceaselessly against my office window in rural England, I started a magazine. Through those hazy days of Covid isolation, the project became my lifeline--a connection to the friends I missed back in the United States and a way to meet new artists. 

One year later, I can no longer accurately refer to I, Enheduanna as, “my magazine.” Today, we’re a growing community supported by seven dedicated writers, artists, and editors. We’ve solidified our values, been inspired by like-minded dreamers, and found joy in connecting to kindred spirits. 

In that vein, it seemed only right that this second issue of I, Enheduanna focus on community. We chose this theme, thanks not only to the miracle vaccinations which have allowed us to find each other again physically, but to honor the community we’ve made through creativity—one which transcends physical proximity.

Thank you for reading the magazine, for following and supporting the featured creators, and for fueling the fire which keeps our team dedicated to this work. 

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Ren Riley
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