Our Team

Ren Riley

Editor & Creative Director



Ren Riley is a graphic designer, writer, and marketing consultant who specializes in finding unique ways to express complex ideas both visually and verbally. She enjoys the challenge of creating visuals that feel like spaces the people they represent would want to inhabit and using a storyteller’s perspective to write compelling narratives about art, artists, and her own life. In her role as a freelance marketing consultant, she has worked with musicians, nonprofits, artists, and small businesses on projects ranging from photography to billboard ad campaigns to brand design. 

In addition to her role as Editor and Creative Director of I, Enheduanna, she writes for Beautiful Bizarre Magazine and dabbles in speculative fiction. She holds a Masters degree in Education Policy from the University of Washington and a Bachelor's degree in Biology from Middle Tennessee State University. In her spare time she enjoys creating digital art and printmaking; her work has been shown at The Holy Art Gallery in London. She aspires to become a full-time bounty hunter librarian working out of a haunted mansion filled with curious specimens she’s collected on her global travels, but until that becomes an actual job title, she enjoys meeting new artists and small-business owners and working with them to expand their presence in ways that make the world just a little bit more beautiful.

Rachel Robins

Assistant Editor



Arizona-native Rachel Robins spent the first few decades of her life baking in the desert. When 120ºF weather began to wear a little thin, she vacated the Valley of the Sun for the cooler, greener climes of Seattle, Washington. Rachel’s writing fuel is drawn from the pool of experience gained from various backgrounds such as food service to sales, nonprofit work with children to academia--the latter of which has been her focus for the last 20 years. She holds a Bachelor in Arts in Christian Studies and an MFA for Writing Popular Fiction.

While she’s dabbled in a variety of genres like fantasy, steampunk, dieselpunk, noir, and scifi, she tends to favor contemporary fantasy, comedy, and horror. From 2017 to mid 2020, she created and led the northern-most branch of the North Seattle Scifi & Fantasy Writers Meetup group, a workshopping program that partners with Clarion West on occasion for local events. The goal of this writing fellowship is to train young writers in the conventions of editing in their genre of choice and grow their toolset as professional authors as they break into the industry. In April 2019, she published a short story in The Hamthology, an anthology dedicated to ham sandwich literature.

In her few moments of leisure, Rachel  divides her time by needlecraft projects, home renovation, exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest, and playing peacekeeper between her two cats.

Advisory Board

Audrey Gooch



Audrey Gooch, alias @FairlyAudrey, is a visual artist and professional barista. She enjoys crafting work in a variety of mediums but focuses primarily on digital illustration. Her subjects range from animals to architecture to experimental portraiture. She also seeks inspiration from the wildlife in her unique local ecosystem, which she explores regularly on foot and by kayak. When she’s not crafting the perfect drink for a regular at the coffee shop or finding inspiration in the arts district of her small Florida city, she’s volunteering at her local animal shelter and the zoo.

Symantha Reagor



Symantha Reagor is a writer, visual artist, and poet with a passion for gaming. She has contributed to many games and fandoms she loves through roles in studios such as Nintendo, 343 Industries, Bungie, and Aeria Games. In addition to her day job, Symantha also enjoys helping others fulfill their artistic goals through her work with the Seattle Voice Institute. Symantha was the first person in her family to graduate from college; she holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature from Canyon University and a Master’s Degree in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University. When she’s off the clock, she enjoys writing poetry and fantasy fiction as well as knitting, sculpting, and drawing weird pictures of slugs.

Julieta Gomez-Frittelli



Julieta Gomez-Frittelli in her current iteration is a graduate student in engineering, researching gut neurons at Stanford University. While this PhD is absolutely fascinating, Julieta has never been able to do just one thing (looking at you, double major in Chemical Engineering/petrol and Hispanic Studies/medieval crypto-muslim Iberian literature). She currently engages the creative circuits of her brain with a variety of not-at-all-scientific hobbies. Julieta can alternately be found lost in a book with particularly beautiful words; reading tarot cards by candlelight until they really touch a nerve; playing fantastical characters in table-top roleplaying campaigns, or more frequently, daydreaming about her OCs and writing their secret backstories; or painstakingly crafting the latest over-ambitious project in her stitch-witchery quest.

She was honored to have some of her crafting featured in the inaugural issue of the I, Enheduanna zine (Spring 2021). You can find Julieta on Instagram as @feycrafter_guildmistress, where she posts infrequently, sporadically, and in an entirely disorganized manner about all of these creative pursuits and, of course, photos of her familiar, Auspex the bird-watching cat-soothsayer.

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