A celebration of feminine AND NONBINARY creators

Piroshki for All Occasions

Piroshki, sometimes spelled as piroshky, pirozhki, or pyrizhky (but never to be confused with pierogi), are a type of hand pie that originated in Russia and Ukraine. They're widely available as a street food in most of Eastern Europe and are usually made of a yeasted dough that is filled with meat, potatoes, or other items then baked or fried...

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To Granny's Haus

As spectral trees and wisps of snow soared past her hovercycle in the midnight air, Anna Feuchtwanger couldn’t shake the sensation that—despite her best efforts—she had been followed. he visual sensor in her helmet beeped upon her arrival to her designation, and she sidled the hovercycle beside the rusty gate. The engine’s rumble died, and the silhouettes of trees ...

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Silent Wanderlust

In the fields surrounding our village there's a great, wide aloneness. I breathe it in and out slowly as it does the same to me. There are compasses tied to both of my feet now. They spin wildly, but I don't mind. Only the crows hear me sing. When I step through a hidden gate into the woods the aloneness is gone like Peter Pan’s shadow. The trees, birds, squirrels, bees, and vines all hum like computers in a mainframe room...

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There is a homecoming in this land-
a welcoming embrace that seeks to ease my pain.
I don't have to speak of my shame or sorrows
nor justify my actions.
The rolling hills of terra already know...

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A brief overview of the vision and mission behind I, Enheduanna.

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New Moon

The whimsical cover of the inaugural issue of I, Enheduanna features model Audrey Gooch and was created in Photoshop by digital artist Ren Riley

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A Note from the Editor

I want to personally thank everyone who helped to make this inaugural issue possible. I, Enheduanna started as a passion project but thanks to the incredible talent and generosity of the people in my life, has become much more. Without a leap of faith from each of the featured creators, there would not be a magazine. I want to extend my enormous gratitude to each...

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