A celebration of feminine AND NONBINARY creators

Write What Fills You Up: Summer Lemke on Poetry - Featuring Art by Maria Kazvan

Summer Lemke’s poetry is full of the imagery that she sees all around her, from the tiniest bits of nature to the deep feelings of children. For Summer, writing poetry is an escape valve for the inspiration she finds in so many things...

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Anchored in Graphite: PeeMonster on Art, Anxiety, and Alternate Realms

Carbon is a versatile element. Under pressure, it makes nature’s hardest form, diamond. Burned as coal, it can warm a cold night. In the hands of PeeMonster, carbon in the form of graphite can craft entire worlds. When her pencil scratches a familiar tone across a sheet of paper, PeeMonster–a pseudonym...

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Beauty in Rigor: The Art of Kateryna Bortsova

If the brushstrokes and subtle colors that characterize the works of Ukrainian painter Kateryna Bortsova are the flesh and blood exterior of her art, her education is the spine holding them into place. Bortsova adheres to a classic school of thought. She often laments the ways that modern life has allowed traditional academic rigor in fine arts to be overshadowed by instant gratification and short...

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Small Stories: The Illustrated World of Flora Bai

It’s easy to get lost chasing minutiae through the worlds crafted by Wuhan-born, NYC-based illustrator, Flora Bai. Born into a family of artists and exposed to galleries and exhibition openings early in her life, the doodles in the margins of her elementary school textbooks were a sign of who she would become. Today, Bai...

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Friday Afternoon Tea

As Friday Elliott—owner and head tea witch of Friday Afternoon Tea—hands me a cup, I can’t help recalling Christopher Lloyd’s portrayal of an enigmatic wizard librarian in the 90’s VHS classic The Pagemaster. Lloyd’s eyes twinkled mysteriously as he told an apprehensive Macauley Culkin, “I have a talent for guessing what people need.” While Elliot’s violet curls and bubbly demeanor are a far cry from Lloyd’s cryptic librarian...

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The Art of Stasia Burrington

On the suburban outskirts of Seattle, Washington, Stasia Burrington dips her paintbrush into a cup and watches watercolor pigment swirl through the clear liquid like a cloud of smoke. The water is clean and fresh, thanks in large part to fungi and microorganisms. These organisms naturally filter melted snow as it journeys from the peaks...

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There was a time

we stood together
close, with our laughter
and serious expressions—
a long hug for solace.
We were one as a group—
memories we hold:
sitting over tea, picnics...

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Tabletop Roleplay: The Art of Collective Storytelling

In 2021, tabletop roleplay gaming is a phenomenon that crosses boundaries and bends genres. Beyond the prototypical Dungeons and Dragons, TTRPG’s are giving people spaces to build communities with global reach. In this exclusive interview...

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Eerie and alluring, the block prints of French artist Stéphanie Catherine—a.k.a. Stfacat prints—wouldn’t look out of place on the pages of a medieval manuscript. The first time I saw her signature gothic creations, I was blown away by their resemblance to art I’d seen in European castles and cathedrals...

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Reading with Tarot

Who says witches can only meet in the woods under the light of the full moon?

The COVID-19 Pandemic left many of us struggling to stay in touch with our communities. Without the ability to meet in person, we often found ourselves struggling to connect with each other. As National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) approached a company of writers, many of them based out of Southern California, came together online in November of 2020 to support each other...

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